“There’s an old idea that any time is a good time to be alive, if you know what to do during that time. ... As humans and descendants of the first ancestors, our job is not to comprehend and control everything, but to learn which story we are in and which of the many things calling out in the world are calling to us individually. Our job is to be fully alive in the life we have, to pick up the invisible thread of our own story and follow wherever it leads... In order to be fully alive, we also have to be a little foolish, a little bit listening to something divine, a little bit hanging out with the animals. When the world around us seems about to collapse into doom, the threads of renewal are also nearby.” 

 - Michael Meade, The Deep Self Within



Let’s begin our work by assuming there is something wiser than both of our conscious minds working deep within you.  Let's assume your struggles are valid expressions of a soul and a world in distress - alienated and disconnected. 
Let's put aside the idea that you need to be "fixed". Because real healing comes from dropping down, below the threshold of ordinary understanding, into a field of deep inner resources, and thereby reconnecting with what we have lost - a sense of soul.

Imaginal Therapy teaches you to do this, to follow the threads that lead back to the depths of your being. 

Based on the philosophy of Archetypal Psychologist James Hillman, The Tamboo Academy and other scholars of the psyche, the work of Imaginal Therapy is playful, deep, exploratory and rewarding. 



Healers, poets and storytellers know that working with the psyche is an art not a science. True healing, doesn’t happen rationally, but is deeply linked to the wilderness of the imagination.

There are many paths into this wilderness. Surprisingly, they often begin right on our doorstep, with the experiences of our daily lives, our struggles with relationships, sex, money, health, emotional turmoil and anything that is demanding our attention. 

These experiences come with their own language, flavours, sensations, stories - what we refer to as "images". In sessions we talk through your experiences (past and present) and  "track" these images, like animals, following closely, learning their ways and allowing them to lead you home, to the imaginal field that provides the deepest nourishment for your life.

When our experiences begin to resonate with archetypal significance - a sense of something meaningful and profound - then, the deep-seated blockages and conditioning that have kept us stuck begin to dissolve. This is how we unweave the threads in which we've become entangled, in order to be recalibrated and rerouted from the deep psyche. Doing this consistently, with guidance, helps to open new possibilities for  transforming the areas of struggle in your life.

What others have experienced:

  • A sense of openness to and curiosity about processes over which one has no control

  • A wider sense of self, and ones place in the world

  • A greater capacity for warmth, patience and intimacy with oneself and others

  • A deepening of sexuality, sensuality and the enjoyment of beauty

  • A calmer approach to dynamics in the workplace

  • A clearer sense of life purpose

  • The courage to explore and experiment with new career opportunities

  • New creative inspiration



The body is wise beyond belief. It has its own imagination which it expresses in postures, aches, movements, sensations. Exploring this "somatic imagination" may be done in stillness or in movement, tuning in to sensations, witnessing what arrives and allowing the body its own expression.  In this way we are able to make contact with a treasure trove of images that lead us into the deeper terrain of the psyche.

From this source it is possible to draw nourishment, even during difficult times. It is also the place from where one can access a sense of connection with the wider, more-than-human world.