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Like most people who do this work, I began by seeking out teachers who could take me where I needed to go for healing, initiation and practice.


While my academic psychology education has been invaluable, it was the experience of being guided through my own depth therapy that makes me able to offer support to others. I completed initial psychology training at Rhodes University in South Africa and then completed a master's degree in Archetypal Psychology at the Tamboo Academy with deeply practical experience in somatic imaginal processes. I underwent a rigorous internship as an imaginal therapist and workshop facilitator and taught first and second-year classes at the academy.

Since then, I have received further certification in coaching as well as Dream Tending with Steven Aizenstat, the founder of Pacifica University.


Over the last 18 years, I have done hundreds of sessions with people looking for a way through complex emotional, situational and spiritual landscapes. Artists who cannot create. Writers who are slowly withering in their day jobs. Parents who are worrying about their children. Partners who have lost connection with each other. Singles who are burned out from dating the wrong people. And others, who feel listless, lost and perhaps struggling to make sense of events that happened long long ago. I walked with each of them, weaving threads of meaning, catching tantalising hints of purpose, and following these clues towards the well-spring of connection, inspiration and inner support they had been missing.

A note on terminology

I am not a licensed clinical or counseling psychologist by choice. I do not diagnose or treat clients within that medical model of psychology, and I will refer clients who require treatment as defined by that model to others who can meet them there.   However, this work is ultimately therapeutic, and so "therapist" remains the most appropriate term.  I continue to use it although its use is understood and legislated in different ways by different governing powers and bureaucracies worldwide.

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