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This work requires time between session for you to deepen and reflect. To get the most benefit of the work you need at least three sessions to explore images around a particular issue or a dream. 

To work through several different issues or dreams, we will need more time.

Below are the different sessions packages and fees. You can book individual ad-hoc sessions once we have completed the initial 3 sessions. Six-session bundles are the most affordable.

Appointments for these sessions can be booked during the sessions or using the booking app.


I offer a sliding scale depending on currency/region and the type of session package purchase.

Fees are between $85 an $100 (USD) per hour for clients earning their income in the following countries:

Fees for the rest of the world are the equivalent R800 (ZAR).


I do not work directly with any medical aid or insurance However, you may be able to claim for sessions depending on which insurer you use. I will provide you with the necessary receipts for paid sessions which you can use for claims.

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