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Breathe and Connect (Intro and Intermediate - Single sessions)

An introduction to SOMA Breath - a profound guided breathwork meditation and a safe, sharing session with participants from around the world.

  • Experience deep states of calm and bliss easily

  • Get the physical benefit of intermittent hypoxia

  • Tap into your body's natural ability to release blockages and heal itself

  • Learn to move below the threshold of your conscious mind, to loosen old complexes and belief systems that are keeping you stuck

  • Find like-minded travelers and share your journeys.


These classes can be attended as standalones, or as many times as you want. Beginners should do at least one intro before joining an intermediate class. 

Breathe and Imagine (Intro and Intermediate - 4 sessions)


A great place to discover and explore the patterns, unconscious movements and archetypal material driving  current  personal concerns. Unexpected insights and personal shifts are common after doing this process. In these sessions we cover introductory and intermediate breathwork sessions, and bring in imaginal processes, personal reflection, and somatic exercises to dig a little deeper and gain personal insight. These sessions require a committed group to gather over a series of four sessions in order to build a container for working with the images that arrive.


Deep Listening Gatherings

Climate Change is a big topic. It affects us all, but in different ways. If you need to connect with others to work through your experiences around this issue, this is a safe place to share in small groups, with people from around the world.   Many people arrive in these sessions in a state of bewilderment or desperation, having recently come to an awareness of the magnitude of the crisis that is unfolding. They return repeatedly because this space offers a quality of kindness, compassion, vulnerability and support that is counter to so many other debates.     

 This is a place for just being with others, a still moment where you can settle and share what is in you right now - and support others through the sacred act of deep listening.

These gathering are organised by the Deep Adaptation network and are donation-based.

No upcoming events at the moment
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